As my mini-profile says, I'm Ashley. I'm mom to Clare and Peter. I'm wife to Charles. I'm a child of God.

Clare's Birth Story
Peter's Birth Story (Part I) (Part II)

We are a family of Arizonans, all native-born. These days, however, instead of finding us in the desert, we're on the prairie. We are living in Wichita, Kansas, while Charles completes a family medicine residency.

We are a family of devout Catholics. Charles and I met as RCIA sponsors at the Newman Center at Arizona State University, and our faith has been central to our relationship from the beginning.

Our Love Story (Part I) (Part II)

I might have a (graduate) degree from Arizona State, but my heart belongs to their rivals, the University of Arizona. I am a third generation alum. I bleed navy and cardinal, especially during March Madness. Bear Down!

As a family, we love Diamondbacks baseball, board games, Mexican food, and good beer.

I love words of all sorts. I love to read and write. I love being in the kitchen. I love cooking. I'm starting to love baking. I love gathering around the table. I'm not naturally good in a crowd, but I'm great one-on-one. I love coffee -- can't forget the coffee. *giant wink*

At it's best, my blog is like sitting at my table. Maybe we'll chit chat about raising kids -- what they're up to, the choices we're making, our struggles. Maybe we talk about marriage or celebrations or catch up on what's kept us from getting together for too long. Maybe we'll share something deep and talk about motherhood or faith or our biggest struggles. That's how friendship is -- you share the shallow and the deep and everything in between. Probably in one conversation, like this:

Being Mom
Hail Mary
There Was Joy
The Best Bad Day of my Mothering Career

Welcome, grab a cup of coffee, and get reading!

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