Thursday, October 8, 2015

(Pumpkin) Patch Work

Normally, I wouldn't dedicate a whole post to the pumpkin patch. I mean, it's kind of cliche, and I would probably just throw it in some sort of update/photo dump kind of post at some point.

My lil pumpkins with the pumpkins.


It was such a great experience for one simple reason: Peter had a great experience.

Okay, they were both a bit unsure of this one.

See, Peter can be Mr. Separation Anxiety. He just doesn't like it when his Mama leaves him. And that's very sweet and all. But I want him to run and explore and experience the world. He's (mostly) fine at home and a few other places, where he feels safe and knows his surroundings. He's reaaaaaaaaaally wary of people who aren't me (and sometimes Charles or Clare). When we're out and about, he tends to be very clingy, especially when we're with a group.

Not at the pumpkin patch. No sir-ee. I think he had the best day of his entire life. He had so much fun. He kept running off . . . and I'm so unused to having to keep track of him, that I kept "losing" him. I've never been so happy to not have a kid in sight range. At one point, he even decided he wanted to ride the train again, and did it . . . all by himself. #proudmama

I think Clare had fun, too!

And so, because Peter had so much fun, I had so much fun! I say it over and over and over again, but I love seeing my kids blossom and learn and really live. I love seeing joy on their little faces. Monday was all about joy for Peter. And me.

I cannot get enough of this picture. I mean, look at Peter's smile! You can't fake that.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Accidentally Amazing

On Friday, we accidentally had an incredible afternoon.

Charles had to go to Salina at lunchtime to work in a clinic there for the afternoon. He called on his way out of town, and as we talked, one thing led to another, and we decided that the kids and I would drive up with him and kill time for a couple of hours while he was working. We had no real agenda, just a decision that a little adventure would be fun.

So, I grabbed a bunch of stuff (water, snacks, shoes for the kids) and we were off. An hour and a half after Charles' initial phone call, he was dropped off . . . and I decided that rather than randomly driving around, hoping to figure out a plan for our down time, I would use my resources and Google it up. So I typed in park, figuring that running around and burning some energy would help the littles with the drive home.

And so, I happened upon Oakdale Park, which was huge and wonderful. I mean, maybe if you live in Salina you don't agree, but we loved it. We ended up staying until Charles texted that he was ready to be picked up. The weather was perfect: the sun was warm, and the breeze was cool; I was neither hot nor cold. The kids played and played and there was barely a squabble or shriek between them. 

Without plan or intention, it was the most perfect day. 

We saw the train.

Can you guess which kid was more interested?

We played. 

Clare was the "captain."

We made music.

We played some more. (And made a giant mess!)

And yes, they are both laughing. 

I mean, I know I keep going on and on about how great it was, but I mean it. We had the most lovely afternoon on a day I had planned on folding laundry and making a casserole. 

Isn't that how it goes oftentimes? We have these big, great plans that we are sure will bring us joy and wonder, and things go askew. For whatever reason, they just don't measure up.

Then, we let go and let God. We go with the flow. Grasp an opportunity. Do something that maybe even sounds a little crazy (e.g. drive two kids to Salina, KS, for an afternoon for no reason.) And it ends up being accidentally amazing. Totally amazing.