Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm ba-ack! (A Photo Dump)

We're home. Both kids are napping. It is a cool, cloudy day. Yesterday, driving in, the light had a different quality. It is, regardless of what the thermometer might register on any given day, fall. I feel the reflective mood rising, probably aided by lots of hours in the car.

But that is for another day . . . today is the big photo dump!

(Over)packing for the kids.

First, we went to Colorado for Charles' residency program's annual Bike Trip. It was gorgeously fall. The weather was perfect. The aspens were yellowing before our eyes. We had a blast, had good family time, got to know the residency "family," saw Charles' nearby family, and wore Clare out with all of the playing and hiking and fun-having.

Outside of our condo

Exploring the great outdoors


So exhausted, she passed out on Daddy


We headed to Arizona. We celebrated my birthday (I got a new, decent camera, so hopefully, we'll see some better (non-iPhone) pictures 'round these parts!), visited with Charles' parents in Phoenix, then headed north for my dad's wedding, had a blast with family (old and new and Clare's new BFF, Rhonda's granddaughter), and generally exhausted everyone with visiting and fun-having.

Driving out of Kansas
Climbing a tree
Climbing the rocks at Grandad's

The deck at my dad's

The newlyweds -- Congrats, guys!! We love you!!

More fun after the wedding

 And now, back to the real world. :)

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  1. The kids are so adorable! Hope you guys had a nice summer :) Is your husband starting residency this year or is he still in med school? How is that all going for you?


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