Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lately . . .

As one might have inferred from my last post, my mostly unintended blogging break was largely the result of a near complete loss of down time due to a combination of teething, refusing to nap, early wakings and general toddler miscellany. In other words, life.

It gave me some time to reflect on, well, a lot. For our current purposes, it helped me see what I need in terms of personal time in order to thrive, and, accordingly, to be a better and happier wife and mother. I've been doing some schedule tweaking and expectation rearranging, and hopefully, I'll do a better job of carving out some space for me, and, subsequently, for this little space where I can record memories and publish my thoughts.

So, this here is something of a photo dump for the family. Hopefully, I'll have some more blogging time in the next few weeks. But I also have some elf work to do and some Christmas celebrating to do, so we'll see what actually transpires.

In a nutshell . . .

Peter was increasingly mobile (and cute):

Clare wore a lot of tutus (and was cute):

Grandad and BG visited:

We saw Uncle Godfather in Colorado at Thanksgiving:

Clare busted out some "very beautiful ballet":

And St. Nicholas brought treats (and new shoes):

And now, the downhill stretch to Christmas! O Antiphons, here we come! O Come, Emmanuel!

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