Tuesday, March 22, 2016

20 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 20 weeks (and 1 day, if you're being all technical)

Feeling: Pretty good, truth be told. I'm starting to feel the occasional crick in my back and whatnot, but the stomach feels good, the viral yuck that passed through the whole dang house in the last month or so is finally gone. I've had a few days where I woke up totally in nesting mode, and needed to scrub bathrooms or clean out cabinets or whatnot. Which is fine, except for the day that I really, really wanted to wash all the newborn stuff, but had to resist, knowing that I'd need to rewash it this summer. So I limited myself to sorting and putting it in a bag to be a load later this summer.

Wearing: Pretty much all maternity all the time. I still have a handful of non-maternity things in the rotation, but they are mostly things that I bought or have put aside in part because they are so flexible.

Eating: Still just trying to keep it reasonably healthy and every couple of hours. The cravings have dropped off a little, but yesterday, I freakishly decided I needed a bowl of cereal mid-afternoon. I think it is the first time in my life that I have eaten cereal for anything besides breakfast.

Craving: Ice cream. Is it Easter yet? 

Sleeping: Pretty well. I have to get up a time or two each night to use the bathroom/deal with a kiddo/whatever, but I'm sleeping and falling back to sleep easily, so no complaints there.

Missing: An afternoon caffeine boost. Some afternoons just drag on forever, you know?!? 

Bonus: Mid-pregnancy beauty shot from our little Monkey. This was from my anatomy scan at 18 weeks. Looking healthy. We're standing by our decision to be Team Green, so we'll find out whether this little wiggle worm (and baby is a serious wiggle worm--I've been feeling pretty strong movement since 17 weeks!) is a boy or girl at delivery!

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  1. So exciting!!!! Did you wait til birth to find out about the other two? I love that experience, although I am sure finding out at an ultrasound is exciting too, I just love meeting my new little person for the first time and finding out!
    Congratulations again, glad you are feeling pretty well and have some energy! Hope the next 18-20 weeks go just as well!


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