Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Bagels

Last week, I was super-excited to share a post about Saturday morning bagels, but apparently, I'm still living in 2007, and my computer and phone won't interface to let me get the picture off my (not particularly high-tech) phone and onto my computer.

Today's picture is from this morning's bagel escapade. I love Saturday morning bagels for a lot of reasons: good company (usually a friend and her family, but this morning, my fiance), good food, good coffee. I love the ritual of getting up and getting out (and moving) to start the weekend off well.

Mostly, though, I love the people watching. I love seeing familiar faces and I love seeing who else is up early on Saturday morning.

You see a little bit of everything: people dragging themselves into Saturday morning work, people post-workout, people with their dogs and kids, families on their way to soccer games or basketball tournaments.

Most importantly, though, it is a community. I might live in a big, impersonal city, but I love the neighborhood where I live. There is a sense of friendly camaraderie that permeates the sterile chain environment. There is sunshine, there is so much to be thankful for, and there is life. What more do you need?

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