Friday, May 13, 2011

So It Begins

I've wanted to start a new blog for awhile. I wanted it to be something where I could share my goings on and write about my thoughts without too much specificity. I needed a vehicle, though, a catch. I knew that a free-for-all thoughts-on-my-life blog would be DOA.

Earlier this week, though, the idea hit me by surprise. My BFF -- Andi at VivaPolish -- and I decided to get together for Frappuccino Friday, to take advantage of 50% off Frapps from Starbucks (lovely 2 weeks of May). I suggested I take a picture of our new, one-day tradition and lightning hit me!

We have a tradition of taking pictures of our coffee. The first one is posted above. It started sort-of by accident while we were visiting New York City in 2007 (little did we know she would be moving there less than a year later). We were drinking coffee. She was fussing with her camera and, somehow, the coffee ended up posing for us. Before we knew it, vacations were marked with coffee photos, iced tea photos, and various other beverage photos.

It's cheesy, but in a lot of ways it makes sense. Life isn't just about the things that happen to us, the adventures we embark upon, or the day-to-day routine of life. It's about the people who share or rehash it. More often than not, it happens around the table: a quick cup of joe to catch up with someone; a long, talkative dinner; a ladies' lunch. It happens with family and friends. It happens over coffee.

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