Friday, October 26, 2012

Things that freak me out

1. This video that Jen of Conversion Diary fame posted on her 7 Quick Takes this morning. It turned Little from a screaming mess (I was bouncing and reading) to a sleeping baby while it played. She's still asleep, and I've blissfully been able to eat breakfast, pump a bottle of milk, take a shower, and write this. Is it wrong to bookmark it in case it works again?

2. Speaking of,  Little sat laid on the floor enraptured by and laughing at Curious George the one and only time I let her watch be entertained by the television while I was desperate to get ready to get us out the door.

3. C's current rotation only has him working like 7:30-1. Crazy town, but I think we're both getting spoiled.

4. Halloween is next week. Where did October go?

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