Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Brought to You Today By the Letter S

Being the loving, progressive parents that we are, C and I like to focus on our daughter's strengths. She has many, and, interestingly enough, they all seem to start with "S". I'll share some of them with you now:
  • Screaming: As documented here, Little has a great set of lungs, and knows how to use them! She makes sure her opinion is known. Always.
  • Spitting up: Spitting up is one of Little's greatest strengths! She is very good at it -- I change clothes at least once a day (for her, it's often more) as a result of a well-placed spit, and C can instantly recognize the groan/exclamation that accompanies it. She's a happy spitter, so when she's done, we're usually greeted with a huge, happy smile that makes it hard to get too frustrated with another change for both of us. This morning, for example, we were snuggling in my bed post-mom-is-half-asleep-morning-feed and she got a direct hit: down my neck, chest and back. Let's just say that a long, hot shower was a must this morning. Good thing she took a nice, long nap to facilitate it.
  • Slobbering: Slobbering is the newest one of Little's strengths. She is showing all the signs of teething -- drooling plenty, sticking everything in her mouth, really enjoying her wet washcloth during bath time, reddening gums. I can see where the bottom two are going to break through --  but when that will happen is anyone's guess (or is it? -- clearly a first time mom, here). In the middle of it all, she is producing lots and lots of slobber and getting it, well everywhere. If she's not drenched in spit-up, she's drenched in slobber.
  • Snuggling: Who doesn't love to snuggle up with a sweet little baby? Even though she is huge compared to when she was born, she's still so sweet and little. We love to just eat her up, wrap her in our arms, attack her with kisses. We're looking forward to embarrassing her with similar behavior when she's in junior high/high school (not that that is ever, ever, ever going to happen). Bonus: now that the weather is cooling off (for Arizona, admittedly), we can snuggle up with a blanket without cranking the a/c in the process. Double bonus, she's starting to get her arms around me as if she's hugging me back . . . which she totally is!
  • Smiling: Little has the sweetest, gummiest, happiest grin. Who can stay mad at a baby (even one who just spit up all over you) for more than 0.003 seconds with a face like this: 
All dolled up for her 2 month picture

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