Monday, September 7, 2015

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My semi-regular update about life in these parts.

Excited for the annual residency trip to Colorado next weekend!! The first and second years get to go -- which is pretty much the biggest perk to being a first or second year resident. The weather looks about as perfect as can be, and a nice little getaway will be lovely. At the very least, there will be no pager and no time at the hospital.

Unrelated, but too cute not to share

Thinking about the close of summer. It feels a little surreal that Labor Day is today -- it's so late! It has been September for a week already! In some ways, my mind is already turned to fall. In others (weather, I'm looking at you), it still feels like summer. We enjoyed our last family trip to the (outdoor) pool yesterday, and have a BBQ with some friends today. 

Reading book after book after book after book. Peter has reached that stage where he brings one book after another for reading. If you sit down, you will be handed a book. He's also started climbing into your lap, just in case you didn't get the memo. It's gotten so bad that we have given it a name: to book (v. to be forcefully given a book to read by a young child. As in, "Honey, Peter just booked me again!") Then, Clare sees you reading and wants to listen, so she climbs on the other side. Then she starts bringing books and before you know it, you've read 5 books -- and only one of them was a short little board book!

My kids are book worms, and Charles says it's my fault.

Wearing glasses, at least part of the time. I've known that I had some astigmatism for awhile now, and I finally got around to getting my eyes checked, because night driving just didn't feel quite right. The optometrist rightly predicted that wearing glasses part (or even most) of the time would also help with headaches. I'm trying to wear them most of the time at home, but stick to regular sunglasses outside, so I haven't bothered with the on and off game for errands and such. Definitely something I'm still getting used to.

Just call me 4-eyes! (Also pictured, sleeping baby)

Watching Project Runway, of course. I mean, no it isn't what it used to be, but it is still fun to watch every week.

Making A really long packing list. Packing 2 kids and an adult for 5 days of really varied activities -- everything from hiking to nice dinners -- really forces you to be organized. Especially when your son has decided that he can sleep (for now), so long as he has 3 (specific) stuffed animals and 3 (particular) blankets. I mean, I need a suitcase just for him, but anything for a little sleep, you know. So everything, probably including the kitchen sink will head to Colorado, and we'll likely still have to make a run to the store, because that's just how it goes. Alas, I'll be list-making my little heart out anyway.

Peter and his Sheepie

In Residency Charles is wrapping up a classically terrible -- almost to the point of a stereotype -- residency weekend. Work Friday. 24 hour shift Saturday to Sunday. Back in (not)bright and (very)early this morning -- for a holiday shift, meaning minimal staff. Of course. Thank goodness for rest next weekend. ;-)

Grateful for the gift of baptism. Clare's baptism day is coming up this week, and I'm just so blessed to watch her grow in her faith. St. Clare, pray for us.

Praying for the Syrian refugee situation.

I'm also praying that everyone has a safe, enjoyable holiday (and that it is relaxing, too, if you're blessed to not be working)!

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