Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why Yes, I Am Alive. Thanks for Asking.

I just haven't had much chance to sit down and blog. I have some ideas and thoughts that I'd like to turn into drafts, and maybe, eventually even hit publish. *Gasp!*

Charles had nights last week, and I made the decision not to try to blog during those evenings. I am a morning person, so when I try to write at night, it turns into mostly web surfing and, if I do write, it is pretty much not something worth reading or writing. I decided instead to just relax. I watched a little TV and read, and overall, it was just so.much.better. 

Otherwise, things have been pleasantly quiet here. Fall -- real fall -- is coming at the end of the week, and I'm excited. There's bread rising on the counter. Sweaters to pull out. New recipes to try.

Chalking. Helping in the kitchen. Eating apples. Blowing on "hot" food.

Life is good.

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