Friday, December 11, 2015

This Morning

Hi there! I'm alive, and have the usual caveats of no promises if/when I'll be back, but I had a chance to type and something to say, so here I am.

Today started on a, "will I survive?" note, since Clare has been awake since 5:15, and going back to sleep, in spite of my best efforts, did not happen for either of us.

Then, Peter woke up and his crazy morning antics got me laughing and snapping, so I thought I would share a peek at my morning.

Most mornings, before I can lift him out of the crib, Peter insists on grabbing a stuffed bear or two. Today, it was three and his blankie . . . but one bear was bigger than he is.

Bear Crazy

Then, it was time for breakfast. I ate a bowl of oatmeal. After just the tiniest bit of debate and negotiation (ha!) my mini-me non-breakfast-eater agreed to eat some fruit and some milk. Peter ate a small apple, a clementine, a large piece of mango, a bowl of oatmeal, a cup of yogurt, and some milk.

Oatmeal not pictured (still cooking!)

After I took a picture, Clare needed one of her, too.

Look at that feast!

Not pictured was this interaction:
(To myself) I should change Peter out of his jeans so that he can wear them tomorrow, and I don't have to do laundry.
Peter starts crying in the basement where he was playing.
(Down the stairs) Come on up, Buddy, Mama's right here!
Peter climbs the stairs crying . . . and hands me his jeans! I don't even want to know . . . 

Then, wearing a different pair of pants, he sat down to watch a show while I gave Clare the bath she refused to take last night. 

Taking a load off

The plan had been to go play at the park and have a picnic, because we've had gorgeous weather, and rain/seasonal temps/indoor weather is coming back tomorrow. Then, as I was getting ready and debating which park to go to, I decided to forego the park altogether and head to the zoo!

Peter was, as always, so enthralled with the animals. I love it.

Ti-goh. Roaaaaaa!

Clare, unlike last time we were there, was obsessed with all of the statues. Last time, she was terrified. Today, we stopped at each and every one so that she could climb on them.

Up close and personal.

The second mini-me moment of the day came when she chose this route to the lion statues:

Yep, she scaled the boulders!

I'm still exhausted, and I still wish that we'd been able to sleep a little longer this morning, but know what?!? I've made the most of it. I didn't give into the temptation to throw in the towel when things didn't go my way, and we had a pretty great morning. <--Maybe writing that down will help me remember for next time! ;-)

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