Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 35

Back on the bandwagon, with Jen and the rest.

1. Clare has been something of a walking(ish), climbing, sleep resisting disaster for the last week. A cute, sweet disaster, but a disaster nonetheless. Meaning I've been chasing, saving from imminent danger, and rocking a lot this week. I'm pooped.


2. Her vocabulary is taking off though -- she's saying more words and her identifications are getting better and better. The cutest is when you ask where her diaper is. She smacks her diaper and proudly announces "bypow." I think I'm going to enjoy toddler speak a leetle too much.

3. Wednesday was a strangely lovely day. Charles got a bonus day off, so I got a bonus solo trip to Target -- mom bliss. We also got an early dinner, ran some errands, and put a Cold Stone gift card we had floating around to good use. It felt like a bonus Saturday, which was just what the doctor ordered, even though we didn't even know we needed it!!

Repeat -- but who doesn't love a good ice cream shot?

4. In the midst of that, we had our a/c go out. Thank goodness Charles' dad had recommended a great company to us a couple of years ago. They were able to get over and take care of business within a few hours. Yeah, it got warm, but it wasn't too bad, as these things go. 

5. Proof of how awesome lame  old-married-couple we really are: Charles and I have been watching the Million Second Quiz. Overall, we a little iffy about our feelings for the whole thing, but it's been a fun choice for our after-baby-bedtime TV watching. Most fun, though, watching NBC figure out their TV broadcast, noticing the little changes every night. It's interesting. Plus, who doesn't like a good quiz show?!?


6. I cannot believe that we're already down to two weeks left in Phoenix before we hit the road again. We knew the time would fly, but it really truly has. In fact, this whole (academic) year is flying. Interview season is coming up fast. The holidays are around the corner. Match and graduation and and and are going to be here before we know it.

7. I cannot believe the flooding and rain in Colorado this week. It's hard to believe that we were there just a couple of weeks ago and, now that I know the area better, it's that much easier (and more heartwrenching) to envision what's happening. The family in the area is safe and sound, but prayers are still going up for the whole state.

Random picture from Denver. <3 to CO from AZ.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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