Friday, September 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 37

Joining Jen et al. I think I can actually make these quick. Aaaaaand go.

1. I should be packing or doing something productive to get ready for the trip to Wichita, buuuuut. I'm going to do this first. In my defense, I have most stuff ready to go. It's just taking a shower and getting last minute stuff ready spaghetti to go. I've gotten pretty good at that this summer.

2. I'm not, not, not looking forward to the drive. Being in Wichita, 4 weeks. Got it. We're gonna rock it. It will fly. Never thought I would look forward to going to Wichita. But getting there? Not so much.

3. I owe lots of thank yous for congratulations and well wishes after my little announcement this week!! We're so happy and excited!

4. Here are some more outtakes from our failed photoshoot. Usually Clare will point at my tummy when you ask her were the baby is, but put a camera in front of her and . . . no go. She will not perform for an audience. Ever ever never.

5. Yesterday was the first day Clare showed more interest in walking than crawling. We're hoping the trend continues. She's also getting up and down from the couch like it's her job. And hasn't gotten injured yet. We consider that a win.

6. My amazing brother-in-law (well, both of my brothers-in-law are amazing, but this is Charles' brother) sent me a box of Harry & David peaches for my birthday that arrived the other day. I have been gorging us all on amazing peachy goodness. So much yumminess!!! Feeling spoiled.

7. Keeping it all in perspective: an old friend from junior high/high school/family friend just got a rough diagnosis for his son who is just a few weeks younger than Clare. The family can use all the prayers they can get, if you will oblige.

One half-watched episode of Bubble Guppies and done!! Not bad!

Have a lovely weekend!

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