Friday, September 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 36

Joining Jen and the rest for Friday (afternoon) 7 Quick Takes.

1. Clare is going through some sort of nap reset/resistance/nap dropping phase. I mean, I know it's normal and all, but it's totally messing with my mojo and making my ability to get back on the blogging bandwagon more difficult as I try to figure out what my day looks like when there is only one nap. I'm determined. Plus, I have a couple of posts in draft status that I think will unblock a bit of writer's block. I hope.

Motto: more coloring, less napping

2. Yesterday was my birthday. The introvert in me is all about not making a big, crazy deal out of it, but I had a lovely day of breakfast with extended family, a stroll through Target, and dinner with Charles and Clare. I'm sure 32 is gonna be awesome. It already is. :) Really, what more could a girl ask for?

3. Answer, a break from this **** heat. I'm over the 100+ temps. I really, truly am. Growing up, the county fair was the weekend after my birthday and you always, always needed a sweatshirt at night when you went to the fair. Here, a mere 2 hours south . . . not so much.

4. I'm going to stop complaining about the (lack of) fall. I am. In large part because this is our last week in Phoenix before another (and last!) away rotation for Charles. Next Friday, we head to Wichita, Kansas. I never, ever, in my whole life imagined going to Wichita (or much of anywhere else in Kansas), much less potentially living there, but here we are. The medical journey has already taken us places, literally, that I've never imagined. The beauty of that is how much is has already stretched and grown me as a person. And I know there's more to come, because I know residency has plenty of surprises up its sleeve for us.

5. That was kinda two takes, so I'll fill this one with a picture. You're welcome.

Insta Mama feeding her baby

6. The good thing about this second departure is that we're much more experienced as packers and road warriors. And it's only four weeks. We got this.

Road warrior and her straw sippy.

7. I'm sure you've seen this Whole Foods satire floating around the web (or Grace's QTs). The timing was perfect, because a new one opened nearby this week. Every time I drive by, it is teeming with cars, circling like mall vultures on Black Friday. I have to admit to enjoying an occasional wistful wander through the ridiculous, wishing it were not completely crazy to spend a billion dollars on gorgeous, high-quality ingredients. Even so, the parking lot reaction is crazy!!

Enough babble from me. Have a lovely weekend!

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