Friday, November 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 41

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1. We are dealing with some serious Halloween Hangover in this neck of the woods. Too much fun, too little sleep. And Clare didn't even consume any candy for us to blame it on. She was, however, a rock star trick-or-treater. She held our hands to toddle up to the candy-passers (we only hit driveway people, since she is so little), chose a piece of candy, expertly dropped it into her puppy bucket (courtesy of her cousins -- ie my cousin's kids -- confused yet?), turned, and toddled off to the next house.

2. Requisite Halloween photo-dump:

We decided to keep the puppy, even though we'd vowed not to get a dog for awhile.

3. Not surprisingly, in spite of a fun Halloween, I am super-dee-duper excited for Thanksgiving and Advent and Christmas. As an added bonus, Charles has some "down time" during interview season (read: November and December), so when he's not darting off to one interview or another we'll get some extra family time in. As an added, added bonus, we have our anatomy scan in mid-November, so in addition to getting to see Lil Bean, and hopefully finding out that s/he is healthy, we'll super hopefully get to find out if it is a Boy Bean or a Girl Bean.

4. I would love the experience of being Team Green and not finding out the gender of some future little one, if God so blesses us, but that is so not happening this go 'round. I'm feeling all kinds of crazy impatient curiosity about whether Lil Bean is a boy or a girl. Every time I fully convince myself it's a boy, something makes me change my mind and think pink. With Clare, I was really, really sure she was a girl, so not having that intuition is a new experience for me. We will be over the moon excited either way (A son! A sister for Clare!), but I'm ants-in-my-pants itching with curiosity that killed the cat or something. This probably means Lil Beany will feel shy and not let us know. Alas.

5. I may or may not be anxiously awaiting Charles' earlyish return home so that I can run a couple of quick errands and get my first red cup of the year. I may not give into big consumerism, but little consumerism clearly has my name all over it (or at least it will once I give said name to a barista!).


6. Talk about 1st World Problems: I was going to take care of some other computer business while I worked on my 7QT post, only to realize it required me to sign into 2 different Google accounts, which my computer gets a little trippy over, so I have to actually focus enough to complete one task at a time. Like a productive person or something.

7. I know this has been passed around the webz of the world-wide variety at least one million times (at least in Catholic circles), but it is too wonderful not to post again. Happy All Saints Day! All you holy men and women, pray for us.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I love those red Starbucks cups and the peppermint mocha inside.


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