Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some Ramdom Thoughts About Our Baby . . .


What's not to love about that little face?!?

We found out yesterday that we are expecting a squiggly, wiggly (emphasis on wiggly) baby boy. And he see seems to be healthy, so that's the truly good news.

We're over the moon, though I expect we would feel just as airborne if we had found out that he was a she, because we honestly, truly, not saying it with one tiny grain of salt, would have been thrilled either way. I think it's the whole babies-are-a-big-blessing thing. Combined with the, God willing, we're-not-done thing. And the it's-not-like-you-get-to-pick-anyway thing.

The big challenge has been agreeing on a boy's name that we both like and fits out exacting Catholic standards of both names being Saints' names. With one gazillion canonized Saints, you'd think it wouldn't be as hard as it is. We've got a tentative winner, but we're mulling it over for awhile before we make any firm decisions or announcements or the like.

If Clare had her way, his name would be Guppy Guppy. Or maybe Guppy Puppy if you really talk her into it. We think we can.

Now, I'm obsessively considering what to do with a boy's room when we move Mr. Man into a nursery sometime this summer. Meaning I've got gobs of time to consider it. But I'm extraordinarily picky when it comes to nursery bedding. All I use are sheets (readily available) and a crib skirt (needle in a haystack or part of a large set), and I'm not interested in spending gobs of money on a bedding set I won't use and whose pieces I don't love anyway. And did I mention that I'm not a fan of baby blue? It's fine for clothes, but I don't think I could stand a baby blue room when there are so many other colors out there! So, basically I will spend too much time browsing crib skirts online trying to find the perfect item that may or may not exist. I finally found a darling pink gingham crib skirt for Clare/any future girls who get our crib. Who knows?!? Maybe lightening will strike twice.

Enough rambling . . . I've got online window shopping to do!!

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