Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Birthday, Baby Peter

Dear Peter,

It's hard to believe that, today, you are one year old. This year has slipped by so fast that is scares me. Is this what they mean when they say that it goes by too fast? I want to savor each day of your waning babyness -- your baby snuggles and smiles and coos -- as they give way to the toddler that you are becoming. 

What everyone knows and loves about you is your personality -- you are so happy and full of joy that people are often surprised to hear you cry or fuss. 

You bring so much joy to our lives -- your smile can't but make a bad day good in an instant. It is sunshine, pure, golden sunshine. 

I love hearing you laugh, especially when you're laughing with your sister, sharing jokes that we grown-ups just don't quite get. I hope you guys always share that bond -- that you always have each other to lean on and laugh with. 

You are physical, tactile, and always ready to go-go-go. You want to be playing, and you especially want to play outside. You have an adventurous spirit, and are, generally speaking, a risk-taker. I love that about you, even when it worries me. I'm a Mama and just want you to stay safe.

But I know you'll be okay. You're a smart kid, and the combination of smart, adventurous, and good-natured is going to take you far in life. 

I know that I feel saddened by the passing of time, but I'm also so excited to see what happens next. I'm excited to watch you grow into a wonderful little boy, to get to know you more and more, and to watch you blossom in the year to come.

Happy Birthday, Little Buddy! I love you a million.


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