Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Alleluia! He is risen!

I didn't really mean to totally take Holy Week off from blogging, but it was a lovely, fruitful week, so I'm glad I did. We spent a lot of time preparing for Easter, praying, and talking about Jesus on the Cross. Clare asked a lot (and I mean a lot) of deep, impactful questions. That meant I spent a lot of time thinking about (and explaining) the Passion of Our Lord. What a lovely, wonderful blessing!

We also observed zero Easter activities until the Big Day, save for putting stickers on plastic eggs Saturday morning. All things considered, I decided that dying boiled eggs was just not worth it this year. Maybe some day. But seeing how the stickers-on-eggs thing went, I think I made the right choice. ;-)

Trying to get her to show off the egg.

The Holy Spirit had a hand in preparing Charles' work schedule for Holy Week, so even though he was still on service, we were able to go to Holy Thursday and Good Friday services as a family in the evening. Charles was chosen to be among those getting his feet washed on Thursday, so that was extra-special. Clare also decided to have a tantrum in the last 90 seconds of Mass that evening -- during the silence after the consecrated hosts have been moved to the Alter of Repose for the night -- because we gasp! made her put her shoes on. I know. I know.

I only mention that, because on Friday, instead, Clare fell asleep on Charles' shoulder during the Gospel reading. She slept through the liturgy, in the car, and in her bed until about midnight, woke up to go potty, and then slept until morning. 

We've determined that our kids are not quite ready for the Vigil on Saturday, so once they were in bed that night, I got the house all Easter'd up. 

Baskets, banners and blooms -- oh, my!

Clare was unbelievably excited when she woke up on Sunday and it was Easter. She was jumping up and down and squealing and seeing everything. It was magic -- I wish I had known to film it on secret camera. It was that spectacular!

Peter was much more stoic about the whole thing.

After Mass, we tried to take pictures. We probably should have done it before, but wanted to get out the door early, knowing that it would be a full house.

Like herding cats. (Dress and shirt: Children's Place)

Then we spent the day playing, eating, and being together. We talked to our families and just basked in the joy of Christ's Resurrection. 

He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!

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