Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Restless until . . .

I find rest in Thee.

Today, I feel . . . restless.

Not exhausted because I never get any sleep/rest/time off restless. Like Restless in Seattle? Reno? Rome? That's unrested. No, I feel unsettled. Restless. Like I feel restless at rest.

As I write, Charles is taking a high-stakes test. Maybe I can blame that. 

I know what I need is to rest in the Lord. To seek His will through prayer, peace, quiet. I had the most lovely (end of) Lent, in part because I buckled down and really gave my heart to Jesus in prayer. But today, I feel restless in prayer. 

How many times must I (re)learn?

I know the peace will come with time and patience. And buckling down in prayer.

In the mean time, here are some recent pictures from my phone that aren't really fit for posts of their own! :-) 

Mr. I-can-self-feed. I can. Mama, look how well I'm doing.

He's such a good Daddy.


Clare picked the pink and purple stuff. Of course.

Splash Down!

Until later . . .

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