Monday, November 12, 2012

Meal Plan Monday (Vol. 1)

In actuality, I usually do my weekly meal planning on Saturday. I try to get to the grocery store on Saturday afternoon. That way, I’m treating Sunday more like the day of rest it should be. Plus, while still busy, the store is less crowded with people doing the same thing as I am: stuffing their carts full of stuff to get through the week.  Regardless, I go to the store while C (or someone else) is watching Little. First, she hates it – I once banned her from the grocery store until she was 16, though it has been lifted for quick trips. Second, she isn’t sitting up in the cart yet, so the carrier makes a big shop that much trickier.

I only plan a week at a time, Saturday to Friday – it works better for us. I only plan dinners. Breakfast is pretty much cereal, oatmeal, and bagels.  Lunch is leftovers and sandwiches. Not much to plan. I also always shop the same grocery store – it is super-close and has good prices and reasonably good produce. I prefer non- or less-processed foods, but am by no means perfect. There are certainly some convenience foods I use frequently. I have made a list template, so I can move straight down the list as I shop the store.

Some things I consider as I plan: What do we have going on this week? What meals will facilitate an easier week?( Keeping real plans in mind helps us avoid unplanned meals out.) Can I incorporate a variety of proteins? A vegetarian meal? A variety of veggies/sides? New recipes? Since Little is still on a liquid diet, she is not yet a consideration.  

For this week we have:

Saturday: Crock Pot pulled pork sandwiches, oven fries

Sunday: Crock Pot chicken & dumplings (recipe from Pinterest) (Sundays I try to make something nice/comfort food, very “Sunday Dinner”) -- Note, the healthy dumpling recipe was not great. I gave it a C. C gave it a D-.

Monday: CMA (C has a Catholic Medical Association meeting, which is code for get take-out individually)

Tuesday: Little – 4 month well-child visit (I want something easy in case she is fussy or whatever after vaccinations) Chicken pesto pasta, garlic bread

Wednesday: Butternut squash soup, wheat rolls

Thursday: Stuffed zucchini, bread

Friday: C – Pediatrics Shelf Exam (I try to make one of his favorites before exams, make something celebratory after) Tostadas and Spanish rice

In addition, I'm finally getting myself back into the veggie-adding habit of picking up some bagged salad mix and a cucumber to make quick, individual salads several nights a week. I put greens in a bowl, add stuff on hand (onion & cucumber or crasins & nuts, mostly), dressing on the table. Easy-peasy. The key is lazy bagged salads. I know just getting lettuce is cheaper, but then salads stop happening.

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