Thursday, November 8, 2012

Planning My Life

What? What's that you say? I can't  plan my life.

I feel like I just did.

See, C is a 3rd year medical student. That means, in some perverse way, it is time to start planning the next 4-? (depending upon "what kind of doctor you want to be") years of your life. It's time to start scheduling things, thinking about long lists of programs to consider applying to for residency. Next year is yet another super craptastic arduous fun round of the application game. Then we move (or not) to wherever we end up. There's a lot of garbage work moments to grow in holiness that goes into it along the way. Either way, we'll know what the next step of our lives (residency) will bring us in March, 2014.

I may end up talking about it at length. I may barely touch on it again. We'll see how the mood swings as we move forward.

Today, he got home from his not-so-grueling morning on the peds wards (doctor speak for at the hospital seeing pediatrics patients), had lunch, wanted to talk residency "for a minute." 5 hours later, my life was figured out.Only not really. At all.

[/LiveJournal rambling]

Does LiveJournal even exist anymore?

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