Friday, March 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 47

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1. 2 weeks 'til Match. With the hullabaloo to look forward to this weekend (see #5 below) and plenty to keep me busy the last few days, this week has flown! Hopefully, next week's promise of nesting opportunities will make that one go by quickly, too! We'll see how I'm feeling a week from now. :)

2. We welcomed a new member into our family a couple of weeks ago. My sedan had hit that point of whether to sink money into repairs or do a trade-in while we could still get some value out of the ol' gal. With our growing family, we opted for the early upgrade (and official membership in Soccer Moms in Training):

This picture totally reminds me of the carport at my Nanny's growing up.

3. I'm sure most of Jen's readers heard the big news, but I was absolutely tickled when I saw Bonnie's big news (and Archbishop Sheen's as well) on FB without any reference to Bonnie at all: a big step forward in the process of having her son's now almost-for-sure-miracle approved for FJS's cause for beatification/canonization.

4. I know there has been a little chatter online about when/what to share/not share about pregnancy. I totally get that there are any number of people who might be sensitive to such talk. I have a family history, if not a personal history, of fertility struggles, and cannot imagine how many people suffer in silence with their own struggles. I totally get it. Heck, that's one reason I rarely post about my pregnancy on FB and the like. That said, I generally post about my life around these parts, and pregnancy is a big part of my life. I try not to go overboard, but it permeates all aspects of life these days. That's a very, very long way of saying that if you don't want to read about my pregnant self, best skip the rest of this post. :)

5. I am so, so, so (x 1,000,000) excited for this weekend. It is going to be a lovely weekend celebrating new life! My sister is going to be in town with her beautiful bump, which would be celebration enough, but on Saturday, my aunt and cousin are having a "sprinkle" luncheon with a couple of dear friends and some family to celebrate Mr. Man. Then, we get to travel up to Prescott on Sunday to shower my sister and her Lil Miss with love, love, and more love (and probably some baby stuff as well). Since she has the biggest heart, it is going to be the loveliest of parties.

6. Clare is so in love with her baby brother in his current bump form, it's going to be interesting to see how/if she responds to her little cousin, since last time we saw Auntie her bump was still in the early first-time-mom phase. I'd vaguely like to fast forward a few years, just to see Clare bossing Mr. Man and Lil Miss around. Given her personality and being the oldest, it will happen. Mark my words.

7. And . . . 36 weeks it is! Someone should probably preemptively get the paper bag out for next week's shock wave/fainting spell/whatever. In the meantime, we're trucking on through. I'm in cookie eating mode major, and Mr. Man is in kick-everything mode major. Two-for-one pictures this week. When I say I'm going to update later, that apparently means, "will post two pictures next week!"

This sweater used to be much longer.
I swear I grew yesterday, though this shirt really shows off the belly anyway.

 Have a lovely weekend.

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