Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hurry Up and Wait (Medical Monday)

So much for 7 in 7, day 7. This was the intended post, and it clearly did not happen. C'est la vie. Because genuinely, life happened (getting home at 4 pm instead of noon, as expected, does that to a person, especially when they also have an evening commitment).


We have entered the great season of Hurry up and Wait. It is a real season of life for me right now. Everywhere I look, there is a deadline or a milestone, followed by a waiting period.

Doctor's appointment? Rush out the door and down the road, only to wait to be called back. Only to wait for the doc. (And in my OB's defense, I've rarely done much waiting . . . and I get that OB schedules are never predictable. Clare's doctors on the other hand . . . )

Unrelated but cute

Cookies Dinner in the oven? Wait.

Submit Rank Order List? Wait.

Monday of Match week? Pray for good news, then wait for the real news on Friday. {For those who don't know, on Monday, March 17 (this year), 4th year med students will find out if, in fact, they matched successfully. If so, they will find out where on Friday, March 21. If not, they move into a whole secondary process for finding a position. And really, no one wants to go there.}

Match? Wait until graduation. Wait until summer to start.

(Have a mentioned a time or 50 how annoyingly long and drawn out I find the residency application/Match process?!?)

Baby inching ever closer to his due date? Wait. Wait. Wait. And even when he does decide the time for his Grand Entrance has come? More waiting. (Through labor and delivery. For that epidural I'm not even pretending I don't plan on. For time to push. For the chance to hold that little wiggle worm in my arms.)

I'm trying to use the incessant waiting this month to practice patience. That was, after all, my word for 2014. I'm blessed to have lots of busy-ness coming up this month to make it more bearable, but I'm trying to wait patiently in the mean time. Trying being the key word.

Because really, March, let's just get on with it.

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  1. This is spot on! I think mindfulness and living in the moment is so underrated. My goal is to start enjoying life more and not wishing for the next big thing. Being a physician wife is a case study in that but now that fellowships almost over its time to really appreciate all the effort :)

  2. I can totally empathize with the hurry up and wait battle! Thanks for sharing.

  3. One thing I learned in residency (among other things! ha) is delayed gratification. There's definitely TONS of waiting.

    praying for you and your family. hopefully waiting for match day is not too stressful...
    new follower here :)


  4. I remember those times, it is a lot of hurry up and wait. But, it doesn't end with match. It's one of those life lessons that keep popping up. Maybe when I learn them they will be less frequent. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays, and good luck!


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