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A Week in My Life, 2014 -- Saturday

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Peter -- woke up at 10:30 and ended up in bed with us, so who knows, really.
Pager -- 2, I think
Clare -- 0

 The morning was dominated by one activity that I've been wanting to tackle for a looooong time. Somewhere along the way, I got it in my head that I needed to start making cinnamon rolls, because they are essential (?) to happy holiday memories in childhood. Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade? Eat cinnamon rolls. Opening presents on Christmas morning? Eat cinnamon rolls? Getting ready for church on Easter Sunday? Eat cinnamon rolls.

This is a totally ridiculous idea, because that is NOT how I grew up, and I have a plethora of perfectly wonderful, joyful childhood holiday memories. But when the mind fixes on something, it fixes on it.

I've tried some alternatives, but they just haven't stuck. So, I tried my hand at some quick cinnamon rolls this morning in anticipation of the coming holiday season.

I used this recipe, and, aside from a few tweaks I'd make in the future, they turned out super yummy!

The process

The rolls: before and after

My taste-tester and Cheerio-eater (complete with pincer grasp!)


It was a low-key afternoon. We had lunch. The kids took naps. I took a long, hot shower. We played. Charles got home at 4:15ish (only to be greeted by like 4 immediate pages), and we got ready for Mass. One blessing (among many) of being Catholic is how many masses are available every weekend. Between the Saturday Vigil, Sunday evening Masses, and the variety of parishes around town, we are almost always able to worship together as a family.

I had good intentions of taking pictures before Mass, but let me tell you, we are great at getting to Mass on time, but time for pictures just never, ever seems to happen. I tried. I did. It's just not in the cards.


Remember when Grace used to grade her kids on their behavior at Mass? I'm going to revive it for a moment:

Peter: A- (minor points lost for fussing after communion)
Clare: F (refusal to obey, sit still, or be quiet; and other general attempts at chaos)

By the time we got home, I was an emotional mess. While I calmed down, we ordered a pizza and hung out over a couple of beers. For the rest of the night, we ate and relaxed and did general evening/bedtime stuff. Peter, of course, woke up riiiiiight as Charles and I crawled into bed, but I was able to get him back to sleep with a good round of butt-patting.

Random Peter Picture

Coming up: Snow? Hot chocolate! A long day of work for Charles to round out the week (and rotation)! 

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  1. I am trying those cinnamon rolls... maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow!! I have such a weakness for them and those look great!! Your idea is perfect, I will say its as a practice run for Christmas morning ;)


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