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A Week in My Life 2014 -- Tuesday

Joining Kathryn at Team Whitaker as we document the week.



Pager - 1
Baby Peter - 2
Clare - 0


This morning really starts at 2 am, when Peter woke up, nursed and then took an hour of going into his room over and over for patting and shushing and finally falling asleep. I heard him stirring at 5:30, as Charles was getting out the door (sans jacket -- a mistake he won't make on a cold morning again), so I got him up to say good-bye. I don't think he was ready to be up for the day, and it got things started all wrong. He was happy for awhile, but it got his schedule off, and he didn't nap well the rest of the day.

While he played, I blogged about Monday, and hit the coffee. Clare was up about 6:45, and was still thrilled to be wearing her "kitty cat fleece jammies." She's been longing to wear them since I picked them up in, like, September, but it just hadn't been cold enough at night yet to wear them. It's definitely cold enough now.

We went through our morning -- playing, showering, eating breakfast, getting ready, and headed to Target for a few things. I think plenty of people can relate to the the love/hate thing I have with Target. Love, because it's amazing. Hate, because, it's amazing (and the bank account isn't aligned with the amazing-ness of it all). Anyway, Clare was not prepared for the cold (she is an Arizona girl, I'm telling you), but was thrilled to wear her fox hat. She was also thrilled that Peter's panda hat matched her panda shirt. "We're all pandas, Mama."

On the way out, I grabbed my first red cup of gingerbread delight latte of the season. While I was waiting for the barista, I chatted with a kind soul about my kids, their age difference, how Peter had a "boy" look about him (since he's frequently mistaken for a girl, that's music to this mama's ears), and how hers were only 11 months apart. God bless her. Then, she helped another (stranger) patron carry a tray of drinks back to her car. There really are angels among us, folks!


Of course, Mr. No Morning Nap fell asleep on the way home, and stayed asleep until almost 1 . . . when he normally goes down for his afternoon nap. The scenario has trouble written allllllll over it.


Getting home, I put our stuff away, got chicken going in the crock pot -- I cooked a ton to shred and freeze for easy sandwiches, soups, pasta, etc. -- and made Clare's lunch. As we were getting ready for her nap, Peter woke up. Naps didn't go smoothly or last long for either of them, so I ended up with two tired, cranky kids by late afternoon.

We went downstairs to the basement/playroom that has recently received a bunch of our outdoor play stuff to help pass time during the winter. Peter scooted around. Clare read and colored. I decided to start tackling some projects.

Let's be honest, because I think lots of people can relate to this. You move in. You get mostly settled, but there are things that, for one reason or another, just never get finished. Time passes, and you get so used to things the way they are. We haven't hung art in most rooms, because we are sloooooowly repainting. And the playroom is a mess. We aren't used to "basement" living, so we haven't really used the basement for much, but we're really working to fix that. In the next couple of weeks, we're getting art hung, even if it has to be rehung in a couple of months. It's just time to feel more settled.

As I went through frames and shuffled things around and whatnot, the kids played and whined into their witching hour of pre-dinner crankiness. I was feeling like the day would never end.


Suddenly, as I was making carrot salad for dinner (one of Charles' favorites!), things turned around. Clare dragged a chair over to help, but I wasn't ready for her. While she was waiting, she used a dish towel to turn Peter into a turtle, and kept encouraging him to crawl to me. They were laughing and having fun, and I felt the joy of having them play (not cry or whine) at my feet. I knew just how precious these moments are. And the second I started mixing the carrots -- the chair was back, and Clare was up and ready to help. Yes, she tried to use a spoon that had touched raw chicken, but I got a new one, and so far, we're all salmonella free, so . . . win?

I say superhero, but Clare  says turtle.

I helping!

Things went smoothly from there. I was able to get the kids fed, and they finished up just as Charles headed home from the clinic, getting in around 6:30. We talked for a bit -- mostly about the cold -- and divided and conquered baths (one kid per parent and bathroom). Clare was thrilled to get to wear her "cupcake fleece jammies." Our last drama of the day was cleaning up those blasted princess dolls, but we decided to do it after lights out. We did our usual routine of milk, book, prayers and lights out, but Daddy stayed and snuggled Clare for a few minutes to prevent hassle (and get some Clare time in). Meanwhile, I nursed Baby Peter, and he was out like a light.

Grown-up dinner over HGTV, getting ready for bed, and lights out!

Coming up: more cold! Library! Maybe an actual picture of me!

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  1. Good luck getting your pictures hung! I sure can relate to getting settled into a new place and then having items like that linger on the 'to do' list.

    Love 'turtle' baby Peter!

  2. the turtle thing is so cute!! and its so much fun to remember those simple little joys that are so fleeting because that's what you will want to remember when your kids are bigger! Good idea to do a day by day blog week because its easy to let those little things go by into obscurity!


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