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A Week in My Life 2014 -- Thursday

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Pager - 0
Peter - 1
Clare - 1
It was a miracle night! No pager calls (during sleeping hours)! Peter slept from 11:30-7:00! But I checked on Peter in a cold panic, tossed and turned needing to nurse, waited in vain for Peter to wake up, got Clare back to sleep at 4am, and frantically roused Charles at 5:20 when he had overslept!!


Again, it was cold, cold, cold. I made the conscious decision that, since we didn't have anywhere to go, or anywhere we had to be, we would just have a day at home. I planned to do a bunch of kitchen stuff -- partly to get stuff done, partly to give my morning an "activity" since we didn't have an out-of-house one. It didn't work out that way.

Moms don't get sick days. That has been well established, but do you know/remember those days where you aren't sick enough that you take a sick day, but end up slogging through your day feeling pretty icky? Yeah, that was my morning. I was so congested  and coughing junk up and felt generally yucky. As a result, almost no pictures today. Clare took a few though:


So, I slogged through my morning. I got the kids fed and dressed. I got myself fed and dressed. I got a few other chores done. I tried to sit on the couch, but kept getting manhandled by my kiddos (go figure). Peter, I think, was also feeling poorly, because he slept a lot and was cranky (or Peter's version of cranky). We made it to lunchtime and naptime, and I was able to get Miss Clare to sleep pretty easily. Peter soon followed.


Getting the kids to bed somehow energized me. I realized my cough had subsided somewhat. I changed into decent jeans, put on a smear of make-up, and got my hair out of the messy mess I had had. I know I've beat this drum before, but I cannot tell you how much taking a few minutes to make myself feel pulled together and presentable improves my mood and my attitude.

I did some more odds and ends and sat down to watch Wednesday's Top Chef. It took about 2 hours to watch a 1 hour show. Clare woke up about 25 minutes into the show. For the last 35 minutes, I would watch a couple of minutes, then be presented with another book. Pause. Read. Restart. Lather rinse repeat. I was frustrated at the time, because I just wanted a few minutes to finish the show, but looking back, it was the first time in a while that Clare had brought the parade of books the way she does. That makes me happy.

When Peter woke up, we got two super-cute sibling moments. First, as I was lifting Peter out of his crib, Clare squealed, "Peter, do you want to play princess dolls with me?" Second, I put Peter down for a minute. Clare gave him a hug and said, "Peter is a friend. I love you friend."

Heart = melted

Last highlight of the afternoon was getting to FaceTime with my sister, her baby girl, my dad, and Rhonda (his wife) from San Diego. So nice to "see" everyone. I love technology.


Let's just say it was a long one. Charles didn't get home until 8:15 or so, meaning that I did it all -- dinner, bath, bed -- solo. Thankfully, the kiddos were reasonably cooperative, but tired. On days like that, I work my tail off to get as many routine chores as possible done (save the last minute dinner dishes). That way, once he's home, we can eat and spend a little time together instead of spending time straightening the living room. When he did get here, we were both exhausted -- ate dinner, answered pages, did dishes, fell into bed.

Coming up: Friday! Groceries! Snow?

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