Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5 Favorites -- Olympic Edition

I haven't linked up with Hallie for 5 Favorites in awhile, buuuuuuut . . . the looming Olympics are a boost right back up on the bandwagon.

And so, without further ado, my five, totally frivolous favorite things about the Olympics:

1. Figure Skating - The Olympics are the one time every four years that anyone else really cares about figure skating. For whatever reason, I got captivated by the sport in elementary school, and have followed it -- anywhere from closely to very, very, very closely ever sense. Yes, my fandom has known peaks and valleys, but I can not only tell the difference between a lutz and a salchow just from watching, but I can also explain to you exactly how those things are done. I can't give the kind of lecture on the new code of points that I would like, but I can tell you how it has changed figure skating for the worse the last few Olympic cycles, though I think things are improving in the next couple generations of skaters (who have grown up with it). I'll give you a look if you refer to it as "ice skating." I can tell you more than you want to remember about the Nancy Kerrigan - Tonya Harding scandal. I can go on and on more than I already have. I have a problem. It is controlled at the moment, but like any addiction, recovery is very day to day. Especially once TV coverage gets underway.

Oh, you're still reading?!? I promise the rest are shorter!

2. Watching sports I don't care about any other time - What's the opposite of a sport I actually care about? Sports that I don't care about! But, somehow, during the Olympics, sports like ski jump, short track speed skating, and curling are all anyone can talk about. And they are so much fun to watch!


3. Surprises - I love that the Olympics are full of surprises. Surprise performances. Surprise stars. Surprise disappointments. Surprise human interest stories. I can pretty much guarantee that the waterworks will be at max output when you combine NBC's ability to make everything super-sappy with my pregnancy hormones.
If I knew, it wouldn't be a surprise. - Via

4. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies - The ceremony! The pageantry! The symbolism! The never-ending parade of nations! The weird art pieces! I watch it all with wonder, awe, amazement, and a good dose of what the bleeping heck was that?!?!? This is a country's chance to display itself to the world, and often, they end up showing it in ways that are wholly unexpected.

From London 2012 - Via

5. Patriotism - I am nothing if not patriotic. I'll chant U-S-A! U-S-A! with the best of them. I'll tear up for every.single. American gold medal ceremony I see as the Star Spangled Banner blares. Bonus points if the recipient sings along. Extra bonus points if s/he cries along with me.

From Vancouver 2010 - Via

3 Days to Go! I can't wait!

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  1. Yes!! These are all great! Here's a quote I shared in a conversation regarding the Olympics several years ago: "It's just so amazing how people from all over the world, in all their differences, in all their setbacks and blessings, can come together for such an event, put all things aside and just enjoy the comradarie of being one people. It doesn't matter how well they'll do or not do, they're there for one purpose. Unity.


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