Monday, February 3, 2014

Ode to My Smart Phone -- Medical Mondays

I don't know how medical marriages lasted before technology.

Typing away -- starting them young.

We were a little late to the smart phone game, finally giving in last spring. But even so, even so, I have no idea how we could have done it without our old-school cell phones. (And for the record, I <3 my iPhone, so there's that.)

Now, I'm sitting here taking for granted that I can shoot off a silly little email to Charles while he's off toiling in the ER allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll night long. Nothing so important or earth-shattering that it's worth interrupting him with a text-message (much less a phone call -- which I can maybe maybe imagine if there was visible bone), but something that I think (hope?) will make him smile when he has a minute and checks his email. And if that minute doesn't come 'til morning, it will be waiting then, too.

I'm reflecting on the times I've sent him a cute picture of Clare that just.couldn't.wait. The ease of chatting on our cell phones several times a day while he was off on the interview trail. A thousand text messages. A phone call from the car or parking lot to let me know that he's on his way (and actually, for real, on his way).

For me, it has become a vital tool for keeping us connected, even when this life is crazy. And with residency looming on the horizon, I know that its value isn't going to diminish any time soon. :)

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  1. I am convinced smart phones were made for the benefit of the medical community. How did wives keep in contact with their husbands before! Thanks for linking up with MM.

  2. Thanks for linking up to Medical Mondays! I absolutely agree - there's nothing easier than sending a quick cute baby picture to brighten up a husband's day! I think they appreciate it more than we know ;)

  3. We're not a medical marriage, but our phones play a huge role in staying connected throughout the day! If I'd had a smart phone while we dated long distance for two years, I'm certain our phones would have been an even bigger part in our creative methods for staying in touch. Either way, YAY for sharing sweet moments all day, every day!

  4. iPhones are essential!!! Just be careful in what you text when he's in the OR.. I learned my husband's scrub nurse reads them to him while he's operating. Nothing like learning your text was read out loud for all in the OR to hear... "Thanks for the Big O you gave me this morning!" It took me two years to get over it and show my face in the hospital.

  5. This is so true! My husband is just in his first year of med school, but it is SO nice to be able to text him throughout the day while he is in class. :-)

  6. Totally on board with this post! The only thing for me is that my husbands a surgeon and so most of the time he's in the OR with no reception or hands deep into a patient and can't text back. Sigh. So sometimes I feel like were back in the dark ages. Hi from medical Mondays :)


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