Friday, February 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 54

Linking up with Jen, as always. :)

1. Happy Valentine's Day! I'm not a crazy Valentine's Day fan, but I'm not an anti-fan either. I wrote a lot about that last year, so I won't repeat myself. :) Today will be pretty low key, but we'll squeeze some celebration in, too!


2. Last weekend, we went to the Vigil on Saturday evening before Charles headed into the hospital. When Sunday rolled around, I was planning on a lazy day, and dressed Clare in comfy sweats accordingly. She had other ideas. She brought me a dress, bow, ruffle socks, and "pwiddy bak" shoes. Then, one by one, insisted they be put "on." Once she was dressed, she added her purse. A girl's gotta accessorize, right?!?

Oh my (Instagrammized)

3. Clare has also been working on her diapering skills, and has been pretty cute with it. When she decides baby needs a diaper, that baby gets cleaned and changed over and over for a good 30 minutes, as long as Mama helps get the diaper under the baby's bottom. I figure I'll just let her handle diapers when Baby Brother comes. No problems with that, right?!?

4. By the time this is published (writing on Thursday night), Charles will be down to his last 3 ER shifts. Yay! Let's just say that he feels NO call to emergency medicine. And since he volunteered for night shifts (to get the whole rotation completed quickly), and is not really a night person . . . well, we'll both be glad when this is behind us (for now). As challenging as nights have been, I think we've both learned a lot . . . to be continued (perhaps ad nauseam come residency/night float time).

5. Thursday (yesterday) found me totally befuddled as to what day of the week it was. I woke up from an intense (but ill-remembered dream) really, really sure that it was Saturday, convinced myself it was Friday, and pretty much had to keep reminding myself all day what day it really was. I hate that discombobulated feeling. Ugg to the ugg.

6. Getting close to the half-way point of the Olympics, and so far, I've enjoyed the competition. I miss Bob Costas, so I hope his eyes heal up quickly. Matt Lauer is just.not.the.same. Clare is enjoying having the TV on WAY more than usual. She even gave me a little dance routine while I was watching figure skating last weekend. :)

7. I'm 33 weeks today! Yay! And oh my gosh, how crazy/scary is that?!? Things are getting close! Since I'm writing these Thursday night, and don't have a picture, but I will update with one later today. Mr. Man is as wiggly as ever. I'm still doing pretty well -- tired, achy, heartburn-y -- but nothing surprising for the end of pregnancy! I really can't believe I'm already moving into the "end of pregnancy" stage, these last few weeks are coming on us fast. I had an OB appointment on Monday, and all was well. It was pretty uneventful, just the way I like 'em!!

Have a lovely weekend!
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