Thursday, February 27, 2014

Take me Out to the Ballgame

At the beginning of the month, Charles mentioned that Spring Training Opening Day was Feb. 26. As luck would have it, he was off (thanks ER scheduling!) and I off-handedly mentioned that we should go. Cue Valentine's Day and lawn tickets for yesterday's D'Backs-Dodgers game in my card. Awwww. No, really, it was a great  the perfect present!

So, yesterday morning, we coated ourselves in SPF 50, loaded up the diaper bag, bought our maximum number of factory sealed bottles of water, and headed to the ballpark.

It was a glorious Arizona spring day. The kind of day that brought Spring Training to Arizona in the first place. 80ish. Wispy clouds that spelled a bit of the sun drench. Good game. Big crowds. Junk food. We plopped ourselves on baby blankets on the lawn and soaked it all in (well, not all since we all survived with nary a sunburn -- go us!). Charles and I had a great day, but Clare had a BLAST. She ran all over the sloped lawn seating area (which I'm sure is the toddler equivalent of running stadiums), ate more carbs in one sitting than she is ever allowed (crackers and French fries are a balanced meal, right?!?), saw other babies, took a mini-nap in her stroller, clapped right along everyone else, and learned to say, "Yay Dime-baks!"

I only managed to snap two pictures before we dragged our sun-soaked selves home, exhausted but content in the way that only a day of fun in the sun achieves.

Lawn sitter
Stroller napper

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  1. Cute! Wish the sunshine would stick around for the rest of us!


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