Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 52

Joining Jen for my 52nd installment, which is a milestone, if not an anniversary, thanks to plenty of weeks off. :)

1. 1 week! Eeee! I can't wait.

2. So, I think, without any doing on my part -- at all -- that I'm raising a little diva. Her current obsession is shoes. She's been somewhat particular and opinionated on the subject for some time now. When buying church shoes this fall, we ended up with a sparkly pair after she rejected the simple black leather ones I was trying on her by not letting me put them on her feet. She reached for the sparkle and slipped 'em right on. Aye! Anyway, her new thing is wearing shoes at all times (except meals, randomly). We aren't into wearing shoes to bed, so this morning, all of 2 minutes after waking up, she toddles over to me with a pair of shoes insisting that I put them on her with her jammies. I told her that she needed socks with her shoes, so she needed to go get me some. She comes back with not just any socks, but super frilly ruffly white ones. It's official. I'm in for it. Does anyone want to borrow a teenager in about 12 years?!?

Jammies, socks and shoes -- after I made her choose different socks.

3. We had our first official mother-daughter tea the other day. I had a mug of the real stuff to get me through the afternoon, so she had to join in the fun.

4. It's a last day of the rotation day for Charles. That means a short day plus some school stuff plus a relaxing weekend. It also means that he's down to his last 4 rotations. Woo to the hoo!!

5. 3 Takes worth of pregnancy talk? Sorry in advance. 31 weeks. Woo-hoo!! Everything looked and sounded good at my appointment on Monday, and I joined the every-two-weeks club! I'm getting so excited to meet and hold and snuggle and kiss my little man.

Weekly bathroom selfie

6. The best part of being married to a (almost -- just over 4 months to go!!) DO is that he can do osteopathic manipulative therapy. In other words, in addition to all the traditional medical stuff he knows, he can also do manual manipulations (similarish to chiropractic care) to fix aches and pains. For my poor, pregnant back and hips, living room OMT is pretty much the bestest thing ever.

7. Charles and I have decided that Clare loves her baby brother more than she loves either of us. She'll randomly give him kisses and pats (with ample reminders that she needs to be gentle, already). She's slooooowly figuring out that he is not "Tummy," but "Baby Bruddah." I don't think we're going to get his real first name out of her for awhile, as much as we try! And she loves nothing more than to curl up with my bump when she needs to lie down or snuggle with Mama. I think she's going to miss it when it's replaced with a real live baby! Hopefully, she'll love her ex utero brother 1/10 as much as she loves him in utero. Heck, I might be happy with 1/100th as much!

Mah kiddos!

Have a lovely weekend!!

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  1. Love the belly pic, and totally jealous that you have a DO to do OMT on demand. :) Our two kiddos can't usually get enough of each other - it will be the sweetest thing you'll ever watch develop. The sweetest!


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