Monday, January 6, 2014

Medical Monday - Last Semester!!


Wait. What?

I know. I know. We all know. Time flies. Bla bla bla.

But when you're in the midst of med school's 4th year, (at least via the hubs) January feels like a hazy-dreamy milestone.

The crazy-frantic cycle of interviews are done. The crazy-frantic obsessing over your (husband's) rank order list is well underway.

Rotations are back, as of this morning, and I suspect that, in the coming days, we'll fall fully back into our familiar patterns, and all the travel and topsy-turvy that the 2nd half of 2013 brought will become an ever-fuzzier memory.

It's his last semester of school. Ever. 

Let that sink in for a second. The next time someone in this family goes to school -- first day, last day, whatever, it will be Clare. And I'm so not even thinking about that at this point.

She? Is never going to kindergarten.

In our house, there is a feeling of calm before the storm. The coming months are going to bring plenty of change, and I find myself ready to face it.

Instead of fretting about what's to come, I'm trying to enjoy the now. Trying to eat up these last rotations of medical school, because intern year rotations aren't exactly known for their free time. Trying to eat up these last weeks with an only child, because baby is going to rock her world. Trying to eat up the last weeks of pregnancy, even with the ever-increasing discomfort, focusing instead of getting ready for Mr. Man's arrival. I think, in parenting and medical training both, it is important to savor the present instead of wishing it away.

I'm excited, though, for what's to come. I'm excited for all the changes. I'm excited to, at long last, be inching closer to that residency location, and getting life figured out there. I'm excited to meet my son. I'm excited for all the milestones my little family is anticipating.

But I'm waiting in joyful hope . . . 'cause life right now is pretty darn good, too.

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  1. Happy New Year! Happy Medical Monday. Yes change is good but definitely enjoy the free time while you can :) Intern year will begin before you know it. XO

  2. Welcome to medical mondays! I remember the medical school days and the craziness of interviews. Has he accepted a residency position yet? What states are you hoping for? Congrats on the last semester and enjoy the time before the residency craziness sets in. It goes by so fast though I promise.

  3. Happy last semester!! That is so exciting! :)

  4. Thanks for linking up with MM, and congratulations on your last semester - this is a big one! Best of luck with Match, it will be fun to hear where everyone is going to:-)

  5. Happy New Year! Love your presence amidst the coming changes! All the best!

    Ray Doc Wife

  6. You are so right to embrace the NOW!! I am trying to do that more. Time just seems to be ticking away so quickly as the kids get older. I want time to stand still for just a second! Thanks for linking up and Happy 2014!


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