Friday, January 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 48

I'm getting my blogging groove back, and linking up with Jen and the rest for Friday (afternoon) (never actually quick) takes.

1. For a lot of reasons, I'm not a big New Year's party person. I'm more early bird than night owl, and I'm certainly not one for going out at this point in my life. I'm team "My Kid's Bedtime is #1." Needless to say, I'm not a big resolution person. I have goals. I have projects. I have hopes and dreams. But I feel like the time to make changes in my life is now. I think that's why a lot of resolutions fail -- because people make them on Jan. 1, because they should, rather than because they are really, truly committed in this moment to making the changes. Like I say, just my own, pet theory.

2. Accordingly, we did some major living it up on Tuesday. Charles, Clare, and I joined his fam for a Vigil Mass for Mary, Mother of God, then went out for hamburgers. From there, we brought Clare home to put her to bed and watched TV on the couch while I knocked back a couple glasses of sparkling cider. We toasted 2014 at midnight eastern (benefit to living out west -- the chance to watch the ball drop early!) and went to bed after analyzing how happy we were to not be in Times Square. Wild. And. Crazy. I know. Don't be too jealous.

(At my dad's house) She slept through the calendar change. But in her crib.

3. The most challenging thing about being a SAHM come Jan. 1 is that it takes me that much longer than it takes everyone else to remember to use "2014" when I write the date, since I write it so rarely. I will inevitably write a check in, like, March, and date it 2013. Mark my words.

4. On Monday, I found my 2014 patron using Jen's generator, and was given St. Luke, the physician, patron of doctors (among others). It is an interesting assignment, seeing how prominently the medical profession looks to be in our lives in the coming year. What with the birth of Mr. Man, and Charles' whole Match-graduation-residency (minor details) (yeah, right!!) thing. One reflection I've had already is that St. Luke would be a lovely intercessor for our family through this portion of the journey. (I also hope not to look back on the year and find that we needed his intercession for any other reasons! God, I think the birth of one baby and the minting of one doctor in the house is plenty for one year. K? Thanks!) St. Luke, pray for us.


5. I never have had a chance to sit down and prayerfully discern a word for the year, but reading through other 7QT posts today, one word kept popping into my head: patience. I'm going to roll with it. Much like St. Luke, I can see how that will obviously apply to my life this year. I'm much more interested to see how it will end up applying in unexpected ways. Or maybe God knows that I need to work with what I have this year and not try too hard to take the high road. Did you ever do that in school? Try to be all smart and academic and choose some esoteric subject for a project and end up getting burned, only to realize that you could have really, really killed it, had you just opted for a different subject? (<-- with due apologies for the run-on sentence) Just me? Please say no.

6. Monday is back-to-the-real-world day. Interview craziness is more or less over. Interview time off is definitely over, and the first rotation of his last semester will get started. I've really enjoyed having him around, and I know he's enjoyed being around, but I think we're all ready to get back into our routines. Like I have said a million times, I'm a creature of habit, so not having any kind of routine is just wearying and jarring to me. Remind me of that next week when I'm beating my head against a wall while trying to make dinner with Clare whining at my knees.

The good life.

7. 27 weeks!! Home stretch, here we come! I seriously can't believe how soon Mr. Man will be here.

Blurry, belly-only bathroom shot. You're welcome.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I think patience might be the word I choose for this year too! :)


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