Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 50

What's up, Friday peeps?!? Linking up with Jen.

1. I think, hope, pray that this is Charles' last trip for awhile. Like the foreseeable future awhile. He took off for what should be his last interview event this morning and will get back tomorrow evening. Poor guy was is all traveled and interviewed and small talked out, so he was not too eager to get on the plane. I was feeling so giddy about the last one (and a short one at that!) that I was feeling pretty good about the early morning airport run. Just hoping no last minute musts pop up.

2. The end of interview season means that we're on to the next stage of the never-ending residency application process: putting together a rank order list. We have an idea of what it will look like, but we're still praying over things, and would appreciate any and all additional prayers for God's guidance. I trust that we will end up in the right place for us, but I know that, often, doing God's will is not as simple as sitting back and letting it happen. We often have to take steps and be proactive in our own lives. Putting this list together is one of those moments.

3. The first half of this week felt super, crazy busy. Thankfully, the second half of the week slowed to normal, so I was able to escape the feeling that life would never, ever slow down or ever, ever find a normal equilibrium-type balance.

4. Too much blathering . . . . skip.

Random pic instead.

5. Someone (Mr. Man) is extraordinarily wiggly. He is kicking or rolling or twisting or doing some impossibly weird contorting seemingly constantly. It is definitely getting to the point where it is now less and less fun, and more and more . . . weird. And occasionally keeping me up at night. I'm trying hard to not wish pregnancy away, but when the ol' body quits at 7pm . . . well . . . I might be looking forward to holding a wiggly baby in my arms and giving him 1 million kisses. Then I remember how little sleep I'll be enjoying come April, and am content with my in utero wiggle worm for a little longer.

Kicking -- quite possibly another repeat

6. Meanwhile, my crazy mama brain has been obsessively turning, and I've gotten started on my pre-baby to do list. I have some basics coming together, ideas and plans in place, and overall feel like I'm doing a much better job than I did for Clare, and that all worked out just fine. Blah. Stupid nesting instinct.

Finally painting the nursery ready for Clare Bear at like 35 weeks.

7. Just realized that I haven't made an official prideful statement about how my basketball 'Cats are undefeated and sitting pretty in that elusive #1 spot. Bear Down!

Have a lovely weekend!!

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