Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 63

Linking up with Jen for my weekly fix.

1. Last weekend, I took the kids on my first solo (with both kids) outing to my aunts' house/neighborhood park for an Easter egg hunt. What made it special was that my three cousins (which is the grand total of first cousins I have at all) and all their kids were there too. It was the first time all 11 grandkids (and even 10, if you don't count Peter, since he's so new) were in the same place at the same time. It was extra special/bittersweet knowing that I'm carrying the kiddos off to Wichita for a few years, so it might take a while to reconvene the group.

2. It also happened to be Clare's first-ever Easter egg hunt. She had a blast picking up the eggs and putting them in her basket. Then, when she figured out that they opened -- and even better, that there was stuff inside; some of it even candy!! -- she thought the whole thing was pretty darn great.
Ready to find some eggs!

Don't bother me while I'm eating, Mama.
3. And a few more Easter photos for the heck of it:

Baskets ready and waiting.
Yay! Easter!
Clare wasted no time putting on her Rosary.
And made sure Peter had his, too.
4. Peter, meanwhile, is still demonstrating limited interests, which include eating, sleeping (preferably on my stomach or chest) and avoiding diaper/clothing changes at all costs.

Doing what he does best -- passing out on my lap after nursing.

5. I published my birth story this week. It's unusually long, even for me, and the prose could have used another robust edit or 10, but I'm proud of it. Or maybe I'm just proud of having survived it. And I learned a lot about, well, a lot. It was definitely a crazy few hours!

6. I don't think I've mentioned it anywhere yet, but Peter has quite the set of lungs. Like from the time he cried right after birth, it was freakishly loud. He skipped the sweet newborn whimper-cry and went straight to big, huge scream! He's not unhappy often, but when he is (again, mostly when he's hungry or getting changed), he certainly lets us know!!

7. How is April almost over already? I can confidently say that April has flown by, and that I'm sure May is going to be even crazier. It will be a whirlwind that will include several doctor's appointments, Charles' last ever day of school, getting ready for moving, packing, the birth of my niece, Peter's baptism, and about a million other things. It should provide lots of fodder for writing -- I hope to find some spare moments here and there to do so!!

 Have a lovely weekend!

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