Friday, May 23, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 66

Joining Jen for Friday fun (and my musings on the end of the school year).

1. Yesterday was Charles' last day of school. EVER. Not the end of training or the end of books or studying or the like, but the end of school. It is weird to reach a milestone that always seemed just beyond the horizon. So much excitement and joy!

2. However, graduation isn't for two more weeks. I keep teasing Charles about how he is still just a guy with a B.S. in biology. Looking forward to a couple of weeks of having him home, getting packed, and having some good family time.

3. It killed me all day yesterday not to share the results of my little mid-morning photo shoot. I printed these off for Charles' "big" last day of school present.

Yes, those are Charles' scrub top and white coat

Official caption: "we have awfully big shoes to fill."

4. And I made signs and set up a little celebration. It's a big deal around here -- and big deals need to be celebrated!! Even if that means being celebrated with crayons, since Clare is not to be trusted with markers!

Way to Go!

Woo hoo!

You're the best -- balloon style!

5. Speaking of the balloon, when we went to buy it at the grocery store, it was in a little cellophane package that you give the clerk to blow up. She then gives the package back, so that you can pay for the balloon when you check out. Clare latched onto it, though, convinced that it was a pack of stickers. No matter how many times I told her it wasn't, she was sure she knew better. Thankfully, when we got home, I was able to distract her and throw it away before the full realization that there were no new stickers in the package could result in a toddler-size meltdown.

6. I'm honestly not sure how I managed to do any of that, since yesterday saw me running on a teeny, tiny bit of sleep and a lot of caffeine. It was worth it, though, to do nice things for my guy. On the flip side, he got up with Clare, and let me sleep in until 7 something this morning. It felt so good!! Remember when you were 16 and the idea of getting up at 7 seemed like torture?!? My how the world changes.

7. Speaking of higher education, Peter has already selected his future Alma Mater. Mommy maybe only helped a little.

4th generation -- Bear Down!!

Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy Memorial Day, and stay safe!

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