Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Peter -- 1 month

Somehow, my little Peter is a month old. I think I'm going to be saying that a lot this year. Somehow...

I don't like to post stats for my babies online -- Clare was a peanut, and it was hard to watch high-percentile babies zoom up the charts while she seems to have inherited her mama's metabolism, poor thing. It took a lot of prayer and patience to accept that every baby is different, and every mama needs to know that she is doing the best she can growing her baby to be the baby (with the body) that God gave him or her.

That said, Peter is growing to be the big, strong man he dreams of being. I had to finally stop being an ostrich and move him from newborn to 0-3/3 month clothes this week. Because my kids are (relatively) long and lean, they always outgrow clothes length-wise with plenty of room left in the middle!

When he needs something -- especially a fresh diaper or some food -- he lets us know in no uncertain terms that he's unhappy, but calms right down when he gets what he wants. He is a sweet, mellow guy, who loves to nurse and snuggle and hang out until he drifts off to sleep. And when he does, he sleeps like a baby champ, giving me 3-4 hour stretches at night (and generally going right back down after he's filled up on the ol' milk).

His neck is getting stronger -- Peter desperately wants to be able to hold his head up and look around. If he's 1/3 as observant as his sister, we're done for.

He's starting to crack a smile or two here and there. I can't wait until we get more!

And of course, there are more pictures:

P.S. As an early one-month birthday present, yesterday Peter got the best gift a kid could ask for: a cousin. Congratulations, sweet Whitney, and welcome Baby Makenzie (or Baby Keensee as Clare calls her)!!! We love you!

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  1. Your kids are adorable! It is amazing how fast time flies! My newbie will be seven months old tomorrow! I felt like I just gave birth to her yesterday. My oldest is 2 and a half and it's hard to think that he was ever newborn size! Gotta cherish these moments when they are so little. :)

  2. They are both so precious! And I'm glad he is letting you get some decent chunks of sleep!


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