Monday, May 5, 2014

Currently (vol. 2)

Joining A Mama Collective for some reflection.

Thinking about: How fast time is moving these days. My baby keeps getting bigger. Clare keeps talking more. The calendar keeps flipping. There is so much I want to do -- people to see and places to go and tasks to complete -- but time is whizzing by (and I keep getting sucked into snuggling Mr. Tiny Snuggles on the couch).

Reading: The entire internet. At least it feels like it. Breastfeeding does that to me.

Listening: for the UPS truck. I've been waiting for a delivery, and wouldn't you know, they tried while I was at the grocery store on Friday. And, of course, I have to sign, so I'm anxiously awaiting today's arrival.

Dying for: a chance to get with the cool kids and read Something Other Than God. Doing so in the quiet, cool, bustle-that-is-not-my-kids of a Starbucks, drink in hand, would be even more ideal.

Thankful for: the weekend. It wasn't always fun, but we survived! Thankful for a successful trip for Charles, for mostly good sleep from Peter, for the company of family and friends, for a fresh today after a challenging yesterday, for the knowledge that I can do it, even if it isn't fun or easy, for Charles in so, so many ways.

Wishing: someone (not naming names, but he is the shortest member of the family) is getting dunked on Saturday. A couple of doctor's appointments and a little getting things in order for the baptism are the focuses of the week. Then, it will be another busy weekend with family in town and the festivities and Mother's Day and a million things to do in the next month. Wishing there were more time for down time as a family.
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  1. Life with two sounds crazy in the best way! Thanks for sharing your reflections :)

    P.S. Your blog is new to me. I hopped on over from LDW only to notice you also link frequently back to Kendra Tierney and Jennifer Fulwiler. What a small Catholic Med-School world! My DrH is OMSIII (he has four weeks left until the mayhem of OMSIV!).

  2. ha! Just kidding. I think I found your blog through Medical Mondays. regardless, I love your blog!

  3. Yay for baptism! And you are the second currently to mention Something other than God. Guess I need to look up this book. Blessings on your week. Thanks for linking up. // Mary


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