Friday, July 4, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 70

Fourth of July Friday!! (Linking up with Jen.)

1. Having information at your fingertips -- literally, thanks to the internet -- is a blessing and a curse for someone who is knowledge hungry like me. I've spent the last hour chasing a rabbit through the web. Fascinating stuff about my statue that will be fodder for a future blog post, but I want to do a bit more research, first. And the history major in me is geeking out, so said blog post will likely be written in the next few days.

2. So, of course, today is the 4th of July and I am uber patriotic, so I'm doing my happy 4th of July dance. I am. I really am. But I'm also feeling homesick today. Not for Phoenix, but for my hometown of Prescott. That's because Prescott has, bar none, the best 4th of July in all the land. It coincides (intentionally) with the town's Frontier Days, so there are festivities galore -- rodeo, parades, vendors, activities, fireworks, people wearing red, white, and blue (or their very best western garb). There is just excitement and fun in the air!

Hokey? Yes. Awesome? Yes.

Me -- total Clare look going on.

3. If we were there, one thing we would absolutely, most definitely be doing is decorating Clare (and Peter and Kenzie) and their strollers and walking them in the Kiddie Parade. Clare would have had a blast! It is definitely something I have wonderful memories of from childhood, and something I hope to be able to do with her someday as well.

4. Don't worry, my sparkly tank top made the trip to Wichita and will be worn later this afternoon (to preserve it from spit up and whatnot)! :-)

Sparkly tank pictured here at Clare's patriotic 1st birthday party last year.

5. It's the 4th of July. I gotta. Theme song of my childhood. Especially 3rd grade. :-)

6. My brother-in-law and his son are on an epic river trip down the Missouri and Mississippi. It so happens that they are just south of St. Louis . . . which is ironic, because we were in St. Louis about this time last year. In fact, the day we visited the Arch, they were cleaning up from the giant festival they (apparently had/have) over the 4th. (Blog. Twitter.)

Throwback Friday, take 2

7. I got nothing. Go grill something and watch some fireworks!!

Happy Happy 4th of July!! Have a lovely weekend! As always, stay safe out there!

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