Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5 months

My beautiful, sweet little Little turned 5 months old on Monday. She can roll both ways, is a champ at getting things into her mouth, sits tripod style (for 30 seconds before she spies something that she needs to put in her mouth right.this.second and needs her hands to grab it), is working on sitting unassisted, loves rice cereal and milk (but only the real formula will enter her way, no how...she'll see to that with tight lips that indicate a potential future as a spy), loves Mama and Daddy and anyone else who will hold her (especially while standing), sleeps 10-12 hours at night with a couple of snacks thrown in, loves to laugh, makes the most horrific screeching noise ev-er and thinks it's hilarious, wants to be mobile so badly that I'm shaking in my boots, believed Burger King when they said she could have it [her] way, and is an absolute doll in my never-biased opinion.

Here are some pictures from her 5-month photo shoot to prove it.

This is the one I used for her month-by-month picture

Auntie, what happened to my modeling career?!?

Oh yeah, I'm cute!

I will eat my feet!

This is my favorite, because it is so what Little is like at 5 months, but the spacing is terrible.
Thanks to Auntie Whitty and gracias to her MIL Yenny for the adorable outfit. Too much cuteness for words.

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