Friday, December 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes Vol. 4

7 Quick(ish) Christmas Takes to make my Christmas post a little easier?!? Don't mind if I do.

This was Little's first Christmas and our first Christmas with kids, so, of course it was pretty much the best Christmas ever.  
--- 1 ---
As I mentioned here, I hosted Christmas Eve dinner for C's parents. I was extra excited, because I got to set my new (to me) table -- my grandma is moving and no longer needs a dining room table, and our little kitchen table was a veeery tight fit for more than four. Plus, I got to whip out my winter dishes that had also belonged to my grandparents to set a very Christmasey table. I skipped a centerpiece to make room for food (and because I'm not a real centerpiecey person)!

Beautiful table, courtesy of the grandparents.

--- 2 ---
Grandma and Grandpa, of course, enjoyed a fun Christmas Eve with Little. She even got her first baby doll, a Bitty Baby. C, being a guy and having only a way-older sister, has no experience with dolls and is creeped out by the blinking eyes. I'm amused by this, mostly because I think that dolls can get so much weirder.

Little with Grandma and Grandpa

Doll is still about her size

--- 3 --- 

Santa came, so we had family Christmas on Christmas morning, complete with coffee, presents, and a big breakfast before we headed north to spend Christmas afternoon and night with my family.

Santa came!

Breaking into the toys

Rings for her, teddy bear hat for us. Win-win.

--- 4 ---
My dad's house, which is where I grew up, is basically the most Christmasey house on Earth. It is a log cabin in the pines, complete with leather furniture (now), roaring fire, and yellow lab. The absolute best part of my entire awesome and amazing Christmas was Little sitting on her Grandad's lap, next to the fire, while he read her Carl's Christmas and she listened and smacked the book. I have the whole thing on video, so I don't have a still picture, and won't bore all the people who aren't as enamored with my family as I am, so there will have to be some imagination work here.

Imagine my dad (center), sitting on the chair on the left, reading to Little (whose picture is allllll over this blog in case you missed it).

Update: Thanks to BG for sending me an actual picture of Little and Grandad! Too sweet!

Heart = melted

--- 5 ---

My sister and I decided to revive our old family tradition of Christmas jammie parties with some twists. We did it Christmas night, since we were all together, and everyone was involved. All the girls have the same jammie pants and the guys all have the same lounge pants and all the Little's have the same Santa-butt footie-jammies.

Showing off the Santa-butt.

The fam! Believe me, the outtakes are hilarious!

--- 6 ---

Little had a great time up north. She got even more presents, was passed from arm to arm, so never was set down or left alone, and got to see her first snow (even if it was mostly a patch of dirty ice-snow from a week or two ago). She also got to play with doggies, which she looooooved. It almost made we want a dog. Almost.

One set of arms

Another set of arms

"Snow" and adorable pink coat from Grandad and BG (Instagramming and pic courtesy of my sis).
Playing with Jordan

And Lacey
--- 7 ---

Yesterday, we had Christmas Part III (but I think, if I'm honest, it was really Part IV -- hey, 12 Days of Christmas, right?!?) with C's brother (who is also Little's godfather), nephew and parents. It was a fun day of cousin-meeting, frisbee-playing, tamale-eating, and family stocking-stuffer-game-playing, but the only still picture I have to show for it was our poor, exhausted, over-Christmased Little drinking her bedtime bottle with Daddy.

Ready for bed!
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