Saturday, December 22, 2012

Little Christmas Elf

The last couple of weeks I have had the joy of being a little Christmas Elf. For most people, December is a time of busy preparation for Christmas. The to-do list is never-ending, and it can be a burden or a joy, depending, in my opinion, on how you look at it.

For me, I approach it with joy. I know that mall will be crowded. There will be one too many weird versions of "Santa Baby" played wherever I am. Actually, are there any non-weird versions of Santa Baby? I know that there are to things to add to the list for every one that I cross off. I know that in just less than 48 hours I will feel the adrenaline of holiday company and their pending arrival.

I also know that I am blessed. I am blessed with enough plenty to share and to celebrate with others. I am blessed to celebrate Christmas in a country that doesn't just allow us to celebrate, but has held onto its Christian roots enough to keep it as a national holiday. I'm blessed with family and friends. I blessed to know the Reason for the Season...the Word made flesh and dwelling among us.

So here I am, December 22. The stockings are hung. The gifts are bought and wrapped. The food is planned, but the grocery store still looms large. I need to write a packing list for Christmas night. There is chocolate melting and dipping still to come.  There are visits to make. I'm antsy to get the show on the road, but I'm trying to savor the moments of Little's first Christmas. I don't know if I have a point to this post beyond excitement.

And a note to self to wait in JOYFUL HOPE.

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