Thursday, December 27, 2012

What I Wore on Christmas

Christmas Eve is basically my favorite day of the entire year. Este ano (too lazy to figure out things like tildes on the computer), C's parents are came over for Mass and dinner and presents

Since we're still a one-kid family, we opted for sanity at the 4pm Children's Mass (read: before bedtime meltdowns ensue). Then things got alllll crazy in this hiz-ouse, and we ended up at 5pm at a different church and it was super lovely. Cribbing from Grace, Little got a Mass grade of B-; she did scream through the homily, but she did fall asleep by the Eucharistic Prayer and was forced to try and be good for an extra hour due to our Mass plan revisit two-step and having been woken from a nap to do it, so she gets extra credit for all of that).

Anyway...some post-Mass family pics:

The group, with Little eyeing Grandma's scarf

Family pic: Little is very impressed, and my hair is...ugg...
Is it still pulling a Grace if it's totally candid? I'll go with yes.

Skirt: H&M; Tank: Old Navy; Cardi: Target; Tights: Somewhere; Shoes: Circa by Joan & David, via Last Chance

Dress and tights: Carters; Socks and flower: gifts

C and his parents
Outfits: their closets via stores of some sort

There is a forthcoming "Little's First Christmas" post that will feature more outfits! more family! and basically be a million only-moms-and-grandmas-care scrapbook of Christmas. But we have Christmas Part III this afternoon/evening, so the bated breath will have to be held until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Grace has all the lovelies over at Camp Patton.

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  1. Christmas part 3?!?!? I am impressed with your stamina, friend. Muy impressed! (no tilde needed...)


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