Saturday, May 11, 2013

10 Months

Yesterday was Clare's 10 month birthday.

Of course, that means I took a few lot of pictures. It also means that I get to talk about what an amazing kid she is. 'Cause I'm her Mama and that's what I do.

She's super-talkative and friendly. She has the best smile.

She still has two teeth, and two that are just about to break through. It looks like she will have fangs.

She's standing up like a pro and cruising the furniture like it's her job. She also loves to walk holding my fingers. I know it's only a matter of time, steadiness and courage. It is interesting to me that, for as eager she is to rough house, she's very cautious about "letting go" when learning new skills.

She points and uses her pincer grasp like she's at a ladies' tea party all day every day.

She loves to read.

She love to play.

She is sleeping well pretty consistently. (And now I jinxed myself.)

Her new favorite food is strawberries.

She had decided that she will no longer wear headbands, but doesn't mind clips and barrettes one bit, as evidence in this "roll of film."

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