Friday, May 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 22

I'm seriously running out of ways to say that I'm linking with Jen. There I did it!

1. Charles' aunt gave us an amaryllis bulb during 2011 holiday season. His green thumb and my knowledge of the ones my dad give my Nanny every Christmas nurtured that thing and nurtured that thing. It grew three big, long leaves. One leaf died, but the other two have lived on, strong and happy and healthy. The thing never bloomed though. Imagine our surprise early in the week to notice a blossom sprouting (and seemingly growing right before our eyes!). We're going to have a bloom! Finally! Yay!

The bud stalk is in the middle.

2. I mentioned in my 5 Faves post that I love plastic tumblers with straws. Well, as a side note, Clare is always trying to steal mine. Yesterday, I gave her her own straw sippy (actual sippy cup) to 1) work on her straw drinking skills and 2) Leave mine al-one already! Imagine my surprise when #1 happened way too fast and she downed a cup and a half of water over the course of the day. It was a total bittersweet baby girl is getting too big moment.

3. A just plain sweet baby girl moment has been developing. Every morning when I get her up, I point her to the Crucifix in her room and tell her, "Say, 'Good-morning Jesus! Thank you for another beautiful day Jesus!'" I would love to instill a habit in my kids of starting the day with a prayer, even if it's just a brief, kid-friendly one. Heck, I would love to instill that habit in myself! Anyway, the last few days, she's been turning herself to the Crucifix, waving and saying "gee ga do oooh beh doo!" It is undeniably adorable.

4. She's also obsessed with the Holy Water font by our front door. We instruct her in proper use, but she's ready to dump the stuff like an over-excited priest during a Sprinkling Rite. (I've up, never gotten a direct hit or anything). Pretty sure we have some sort of religious prodigy on our hands.

Oh, how I long for that water.

5. Somehow, Charles managed to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation on May 5 of three different years. I mean, plenty of converts receive all three on one day, but it's pretty impressive to receive them all on the same day of different years during the normal course of things. He used to half-joke about receiving the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony that day, but it wasn't meant to be. Regardless, we'll be doing some celebrating this weekend.

6. Of course, May 5 is also Cinco de Mayo. Don't get me started on Cinco de Mayo. I can barely tolerate St. Patrick's Day and its everyone's-Irish-so-let's-drink thing, and it's a legitimate Catholic-y holiday. Cinco de Mayo is nothing. A commemoration of a battle. I just hate fake drinking holidays. I do love Mexican food, though, so there's that.

7. I can still want tacos, though, right?!? I mean, every day could be Taco Tuesday in my world. Mmm...tacos...and chips and salsa and....

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