Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5 Favorites, Volume 7

Wednesday link-up 5 Favorites Style.

1. My iPhone. Of course. I need not say more.

Via AT&T website last week
2. Touch and Feel books -- Clare loves them and that, in turn, melts my pathetic, book-loving, easily meltable heart.

3. Kindle App -- I'll never enjoy reader-reading as much as I enjoy reading real books, but the convenience is undeniable. As such, I've actually found myself reading again! A reading Ashley is a happy Ashley.

Too lazy to resize my screen shot. Forgive me.

4. Living close to family -- In one week, I've gotten the chance to see lots of family: my in-laws, my cousin and her kids (twice), my aunt, and I hope to see my dad and his SO in the next few days. I'm spoiled and I'm taking it all in, 'cause I know it might not last forever.

Clare playing at Grandma's and Grandpa's

5. Straw cups for Mama -- It's getting hot 'round here, which means that without an IV, you're probably not getting enough water. I do better with the straw, and I know other people who feel the same. Anything to avoid dehydration.


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  1. I think I fell in love with those cups. I'm sure I can get them somewhere. :)

    The Kindle app is my most used app. I use it more than Facebook on my beloved little Samsung.

  2. I love those cups, I call it Mommy's sippy cup :)

  3. Rambly comment time! I'm still on my straw cup kick, too. The bigger, the better so it keeps me super hydrated. Did we really hit triple digits the last day of April? :( So close to making it to May! Are you ready for Starbucks Frappy Hour? I think you might be ;) Starts this Friday!!

  4. I just got a new cup/straw combo and its getting lots of use already. There seriously is something about using a straw that makes me drink more water!

    And how cute is a baby with a good book in their lap?!? :)


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