Monday, April 29, 2013

Pics or it Didn't Happen

It happened! Okay, it happened in September, and I wasn't even blogging then, but I am so overwhelmed with gratitude to my mother-in-law for sending these to me this weekend when she found out that I didn't have them. I seriously almost started to cry when I found out that she did.

Clare was baptized on September 9, a day shy of her 2 month birthday. It was the best we could do juggling the schedules of 1) student doctor Daddy, 2) The Godfather who lives out of state, 3) the church.

She was baptized after a Sunday Mass. Of course, she was a perfect angel for Mass, but as soon as Mass ended and the baptism began . . . so did the screaming. (She was quite the screamer in the beginning.)

We have a video, but it is not very pleasant to watch, because of said screaming. Then, because we were so stressed out from the screaming, we failed to take any pictures with the priest or of the family in the church or anything. We were so sad when we realized that later in the evening.

Screaming in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Screaming and making a run for it as she's anointed.
Screaming as she receives the Light of Christ from her Uncle Godfather Zak.

The whole thing was kind of a disaster in our minds, and we just kept telling ourselves that the important thing was that she was baptized, the Sacrament of Baptism doesn't depend on a happy baby, and other, similar attempts as consolation. Which are all very true, but . . . you still want things to go well. Or at least better than they did.

We hosted lunch at Charles' aunt's house (more space and close to the parish) afterwards and got some pics there, but my camera was MIA. All I got were a couple of texts on my old phone (!!) that wouldn't let me do anything more with the pics than look at them on a 2 inch square.

Anyway . . . I have pics now and can prove that it happened! It did! Praise be to God (for the gift of the Sacraments more than anything)!

The Godfather takes his role much more seriously than the cup would have you believe.
Charles' fam

BG and Grandad (my fam)

Our little fam.

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