Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 20

Linking up with Jen via Grace for my Friday fix. It's like doubly bad, since I can't not link with either of them...issues. Meanwhile, Jen, so glad that your little man is (by God's grace) home and doing better. Enjoy eating those cheeks and fingers and toes!

1. I was going to be all fancy and get these written yesterday and scheduled for publication today. Instead, I'm writing over Friday morning coffee while Charles gets ready (I can't believe it's already the last day of rotation -- time flies!) and Clare is still sleeping. I'm hoping to get my writing mojo back soon -- I have Liebsters to respond to and ideas in my head and drafts to clean up and publish.

2. Between the explosion in Waco, and the whole terrible situation in Boston, I've been praying, praying, praying today, as I have been all week. If you or anyone you know is affected, please know that you're in my prayers.

3.We live in such a scary world. Without God and the virtues of faith and hope, I'm pretty sure weeks like this would throw me into despair. In spite of all of that, there is joy to see in the rubble. For example, some good friends welcomed their first baby (a little boy) this week. See? Joy. Thank God for eyes to see the wholeness of the messy story that is humanity.

4. I had the weirdest little 24 hour bug this week. I felt generally icky on Sunday evening, then woke up at 3am with a terrible fever. Charles said I was burning up. I was freezing and having really strange, vivid dreams. Thankfully, the fever broke by Monday morning, and a day of laying low (or laying as low as you can when there is a 9 month old on the loose in your living room) seems to have been just what the doctor ordered and by Tuesday, I was feeling good as new.

5. No baby pictures yet? I'll fix that for ya!

6. That little bugger is starting to experiment with cruising. She has not yet moved more than a foot or two at a time, but I'm seeing the confidence growing. She also started waving hi and bye, complete with giant smile and weird squeak, this week for extra adorableness.


Extra cuteness in hopes that you and yours have a lovely (and safe) weekend. Hold tight to the littles (and not so littles) in your life. I'll be doing my best, but the wild escape artist will flee and cruise around my legs all weekend instead.

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