Friday, April 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 18

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Joining Jen and the gang for another round of 7 Quick Takes.

1. Sending up lots of prayers for you, Jen, as whatever happens goes down in the newest installment of your vein drama trauma. And, of course, for your little boy.

2. I woke up with my cranky pants on and the coffee not getting into my system nearly fast enough. Of course, Clare was ready to face the day and get into eeeeeeeverything. Thank goodness for long, hot showers. And baby nap time.

3. Baseball's back! We're a happy family.

4. So, every morning, Charles watches SportsCenter over breakfast. The highlight of this ritual, for me, is the discovery of the Not Top 10 Plays on Fridays. It's like America's Funniest Home Videos, but funny. And only lasting like 3 minutes. Example:

5. Our dream is to one day have a large vegetable garden, and can/freeze a portion of the produce. In the mean time, we are the proud parents of two thriving tomato plants that are already starting to blossom. Homegrown tomatoes will soon by ours.

6. Even so, I never eat raw tomatoes. I can appreciate how much better homegrown ones are than anything else, but I still just don't care for them. Yes. I'm weird.

7. Cute baby in the bath? Ok. She requires "two cups and one duck" to be in the tub with her. She rarely touches the rubber ducky, but still freaks out if it's not there. Just a little obsessive.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. First time at your blog (I think)! Procrastinators FTW. I also dream of having a vegetable garden but I know nothing about gardening! Literally, nothing.

    Your baby is so cute!


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